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Where to Start 

Your wedding flowers are an important element of your wedding celebration.The flowers set the tone and help to tell your love story.


Decide how much of your overall wedding budget you want to spend on flowers.I am creative and flexible and when I know what you are comfortable spending I can design floral arrangements for most budgets.

Beach Wedding Venue

The Flowers

Do you want a style or theme for your wedding? Beach, whimsical, boho, rustic or classic i can design for all concepts.Is there a colour palette that you want to use?If you have no firm idea of what you want go out and gather inspiration.Talk to family and friends about their weddings,Look at pictures of real weddings,Collect fabric swatches, browse magazines and pintrest. The more information you share about your vision the more it will help me to interpret your floral desires.Trust your style & be authentically you.If you love something we can make it wonderful together.

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